Geoff Richards

Consultant programmer

Web design and server programming services.

Based in Leeds, United Kingdom.

Key skills: CSS, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, C.

Work experience

Programming blog

Recent posts:

  1. Unfinished JavaScript version of Tetravex

    An unfinished JavaScript version of Tetravex using the <canvas> element.

  2. Pêche au thon

    An easy but inauthentic recipe for tuna, peaches, and mayonnaise, served on bread.

  3. WebGL: overlaying a wireframe with 2D canvas

    Using a transparent 2D canvas to draw wireframe outlines on top of solid shapes drawn with a WebGL 3D canvas underneath it.

  4. Yuletide Leeds at 2am

    Some photos I took taking a late night stroll round the local area.

  5. Log4Shell vulnerability in log4j

    A bad security vulnerability has been found in the Log4J Java logging library, which is very widely deployed.