Uploaded Lua modules to Gitorious


I finally got round to uploading the Git repositories for my Lua modules to Gitorious. Well, I've created projects and uploaded the repos for all of the old ones, but I haven't bothered for the SmplTmpl templating module yet. I really only wrote that for making this website, and it's probably not much use to anyone else.

So I now have a Gitorious project page [update: unlinked http://gitorious.org/~geoffrichards because Gitorious now seems to be dead]. Whether or not this will turn out to be useful remains to be seen.

The first time I tried creating a project it didn't seem to work, just redirected me to the list of all the other projects on the site when I submitted the ‘Create Project’ form. Not sure what was going on there, but the next time I tried it worked fine.

So why didn't I use Github like most people? Gitorious uses Free Software, which as far as I'm concerned automatically makes them better. Also, I get nervous when almost everyone uses one company, even though it's a free service and people could always jump ship if they wanted to. I think we'll be better off if there's a bit more diversity in these things, if only so that the Git hosting providers can try different approaches and see how well they work in practice.

Repository config and pushing

For my own future reference, here's the configuration stuff to add to .git/config to set up Gitorious as a remote for a project called project, and assuming the repo is called mainline.git (which is what I've decided to use for all my projects):

[remote "origin"]
       url = git@gitorious.org:project/mainline.git
       fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
[branch "master"]
       remote = origin
       merge = refs/heads/master

Then just push all the changes (and release tags):

git push --tags origin master

After that, just git push to update.